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 Ahoy there me hearties!

Calling all pirate lovers. Our Pirate craft packs contain 3 pirate templates and plenty of resources to decorate them. How will you decorate yours? With an eye patch? With a silver hook? Blue beard? The choice is yours! Our packs contain no instructions. We believe instructions can limit creativity and imagination. If you want your pirate to wear a pirate hat with a skull and cross bones, go ahead! If you want your pirate to have a cat on their pirate hat you can do that too! Our pirate craft packs contain loads of resources to give you lots and lots of options of how you choose to decorate you pirate template.

Below we have included a few images of decorated pirate templates made with our pirate craft Packs. As our craft packs contain mainly donated resources, originally destined for landfill, contains will vary. Have you created any pirates with our craft packs that could join our crew? Please send us photos of your pirates.

Pirate Craft Make your 0wn Pirate
Pirate Craft Packs
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