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St George's Day Craft Packs

St George's Day

St George's Day is celebrated every year on April 23rd, the anniversary of his death. 


St George is the Patron Saint of England. He had a red cross on a white background on his shield, now referred to as the St George Cross and depicted on the flag of England. 

According to legend St George was a soldier in the Roman Army who killed a dragon and saved a princess. 

The only water well in the town of Silene, Libya, was guarded by a fierce dragon. In order to get water the inhabitants of the town had to offer a human sacrifice to the dragon every day. The person to be sacrificed was chosen randomly by lots. On the day St George was visiting the town a princess had been selected as the sacrifice. 

St George killed the dragon, saved the princess and gave the people of the town access to water!

Our St George's Day Craft Packs contain 3 templates, a knight, a shield and a dragon. They also contain plenty of resources to decorate them. 

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